JESSICA Manicures

The Jessica nail system is ideal for all nail types.

JESSICA Deluxe Manicure               £26.00

A luxury treatment for hands needing a little TLC. Nails are shaped, hands & lower arms are gently exfoliated before a masque is applied. Heated mittens allow oils and creams to penetrate deep into the skin and condition cuticles before a relaxing hand and lower massage. Finish with a colour of your choice from our gorgeous range.

JESSICA Manicure                             £20.00

A manicure ideal for anyone. This treatment consists of shaping the nails, softening the cuticles, exfoliation to the lower arm and hands and a relaxing massage. Finish with a colour of your choice.

JESSICA Express Manicure             £14.00

This manicure is ideal for nails needing a pick-me-up. The nails are shaped and the cuticles softened finishing with a gorgeous colour from our range.

JESSICA File & Varnish                    £8.00

JESSICA Pedicure's

All our pedicure's are carried out in our luxury spa chair with a built in whirlpool jet for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Please wear open toed shoes to avoid smudging. Clients who are pregnant or have some medical conditions are unable to have the jets on but can enjoy a foot soak with lots of bubbles.

JESSICA Zen Spa Deluxe Pedicure      £27.00

A luxurious treatment for feet needing some TLC. Feet are soaked, nails are shaped, hard skin removed, exfoliation, masque, oils, creams, heated booties and a relaxing lower leg and foot massage finished with a gorgeous colour of your choice makes this our best pedicure.

JESSICA Zen Spa Pedicure                    £22.00

Suitable for everyone. Feet are soaked, nails shaped, cuticles softened, hard skin removed, exfoliation, lower leg and foot massage and finish with a colour of your choice.

JESSICA Zen Spa Express Pedicure    £ 17.00

Ideal for feet needing a pick-me-up enjoy a soak in the spa, nail and cuticle work, hard skin removal and exfoliation finished with a colour of your choice.

JESSICA Zen Spa Polish                      £13.00

A lovely treatment to freshen up tired feet. Feet are soaked, hard skin removed , exfoliation and finished with a relaxing lower leg and foot massage.

JESSICA File and Varnish                    £8.00